Xavier Bisbe, born in Barcelona in 1955, studied graphic design at the Escola Massana while combining his work in an important design studio, where he learned the rudiments of the graphic industry, photography, laboratory, etc. He then goes to work in a signage company.
At the age of 24, she moved to the Empordà where she settled and founded a design and signage business in Torroella de Montgrí.
Win major prizes in the CorelDRAW computer drawing contest! A first from Spain, a third from the world and several honorable mentions.
Having achieved a solid foundation in drawing and longing for the smell of turpentine, he picks up on the abandoned brushes of his student days and explores all the themes and styles he likes, without feeling any pressure to force him to cultivate a certain topic.
He has work in France, Italy, the USA and Japan as well as Catalonia and Spain.

As a cultural promoter he performs:
-The Torroella de Montgrí fast painting contest on an annual basis.
-He organized the Ullà Art Show in 2011.
-The four editions of the Pleinair Festival.

He is a member of the artistic movement "9art" of Girona

He currently paints every day in his studio or outdoors.

For more than 15 years I have been painting wood recovered from rural areas, wood from collapsed farmhouses where the floor was made of wood and once the roof was damaged, the wood worked over time has taken on forms that they are very attractive to me and serve as a magnificent background for painting.
In order to solve the problems inherent in wood, especially weight and corks, pictorial research has led me to a logical evolution: painting old wood on canvas as a background and painting the motif on top.
This solution gives me a surprising originality, which allows me to paint any theme for the same exhibition, as it is always tied to the background of old wood.
Painting on antique wood gives me my pictorial stamp.
Obviously, the appearance of a painting on real wood has nothing to do with wood painted on a canvas, but it has many advantages:
-The canvas must not be dewormed and do not leave dust.
-You don't have to dye the wood, I can paint it the color you want.
-I can paint wood of any size and shape without being conditioned by the size of the wood I have recovered.
-The canvas weigh much less and can be transported rolled up.
-A wood on a stone wall is too integrated, they are better on a white wall, when painted on canvas it acts as a frame for the wood and this causes it to separate into stone walls.
-The fact of painting the wood in a realistic way gives more value to the painting.

Without abandoning realism at all, he is currently continuing to explore new avenues along the same lines to achieve new effects.
I’ve come to realize that I can paint even the hardest part of painting abstraction.
There’s a lot of intrusion in this field, I’ve never wanted to do an abstraction based on standing in front of the canvas and starting throwing splashes of color.
One of my headlines, "From the Spiritual in Art," by the great Kandinsky, inspired me, but I managed to escape a bad imitation by incorporating three-dimensional elements.
I combine figuration and abstraction in the same painting, achieving a unique and original work.
I can define these paintings as Three-Dimensional Figurative Abstractions.
What I look for in my paintings is the harmonization of shapes, creating consonances with a composition based on the balance of both shapes and colors. I use regular geometric shapes and free wavy lines and make them vibrate and tense to try to express pleasant sensations, peace, tranquility, order, tenacity, intonation…
The incorporation of three-dimensional elements gives the work a disconcerting realism within the abstraction that provokes contrasting feelings.
The compositions of counterweights of shapes and colors on an old wooden background made with great realism, surprise the viewer and invite him to recreate the sight and relax the mind. They are images that excite those who contemplate them and transmit a whole set of positive sensations accentuated by the wooden background, which always acts as a distensioner.

  Currículum :
Palau Sant Jordi de Barcelona - 6 de febrer del 2005
Salle Becmil, Salindres a 5 km. d'Alès (França) del 30 de març al 4 d'abril del 2005.
Sala d'exposicions del Centre de Serveis de l'Estartit. Del 6 al 30 de maig del 2005.
ARINSAL Hotel Princesa Park. Del 18 al 21 d'Agost.
Retro-Motor. Platja d'Aro 18 de setembre de 2005
Fontcoberta (Banyoles)  del 21 de gener al 5 de febrer 2006
Expoarte Città di Montichiari (Italia) 30/11 - 3/12 2006
Sala Barna – Barcelona – Maig 2006
Galeria Pablo Ruiz - Málaga - Gener - Setembre 2007
Galeria Punt d'Art - Girona -Juliol 2007
8ème Salon d'Automne de Sorèze - 8-22 de setembre 2007
Galeria Punt d'Art - Girona - Desembre 2007- Gener 2008
Galeria Botó de Roda - Torroella de Montgrí - Nadal 2007/2008
Capella de Sant Andreu - Ullà - Octubre 2009
Capella de Sant Antoni - Torroella de Montgrí - Març 2010
Centre de serveis de l'Estartit - Octubre 2010
Capella de Sant Andreu - Ullà - Octubre 2010
Restaurant Mas Blanc - Tiana - Maig-Juliol 2011
Centre Cívic d'Ullà - Octubre 2011
Bar Nafent - Torroella de Montgrí - setembre - desembre 2011
Galeria Amatista - Colliure - Abril 2012
Besalú - tardor 2015
Biblioteca de Lloret - Estiu 2015
Gales d'Anglès 2015
Capella de Sant Ferriol - Olot - Octubre 2015
Capella de Sant Genís - Torroella de Montgrí - primavera 2016
Gales d'Anglès 2016
Capella de Sant Ferriol - Olot - Octubre 2016
Guils de Cerdanya - Desembre 2016
Capella de Sant Ferriol - Olot - Octubre 2017
Cassica cool art 2018
Lloret de Mar 2018
Capella de Sant Ferriol - Olot - Octubre 2018
Fira del Dibuix i la Pintura de Girona 2018
Cassica cool art 2019
Restaurant Camelot - Torroella de Montgrí - estiu 2019
Capella de Sant Ferriol - Olot - Octubre 2019
Capella de Sant Antoni - Torroella de Montgrí - 2019
Parc dels Aiguamolls - Febrer-Maig 2020
Ruta de l'Art de Castelló dÉmpúries - 10-12 octubre 2020
World Art Dubai - 7-10 avril 2021

  Next exposicions:
Worls Art Dubai - Dubai - del 7 al 10 d'abril

  Prices in Graphic dessign:
Primer premi del concurs de cartells per la Festa Major de Torroella de Montgrí 1981
Primer classificat espanyol del concurs de Disseny per ordinador de CorelDraw! 1991
Tercer classificat mundial del concurs de Disseny per ordinador de CorelDraw! 1992
Menció honorífica del concurs de Disseny per ordinador de CorelDraw! 1993
Primer premi concurs de cartells Media Maratón de Sabiñánigo 2011


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